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(Sold in toy stores)
A circle is made on the ground and a spinning top is placed in the middle of the circle. The children take turns throwing their spinning top directly at the spinning top that is in the middle of the circle. They continue doing this until one hits the top in the center and it is removed. The child that is not able to knock the spinning top out of the circle, must place his own spinning top in the middle of the circle, so that the other children can knock it out.


You will need:
2 empty milk jugs or cartons
Clothesline or cord

Put a hole in the bottom of the milk carton and run the cord or clothesline through. Put a knot at the end of the clothesline so that it does not go straight through the hole. Do both cartons the same. Place your feet on the bottom of the carton, hold the clothesline or cord tight and walk like on stilts!


5 Corn tortillas.
½ pound of powdered cheese or Curd.
½ pound of cream.
½ head sliced cabbage.
½ pound of red beans
Cabbage salad with tomatoes, onion, salt, green pepper and vinegar to the pleasure.

Toast the tortilla in very hot oil. Prepare the salad by chopping up the cabbage and adding the tomatoes, onion, salt, green pepper and vinegar, to taste. Put the toasted tortilla on a plate, then spread on the beans, next add some cream, then add the cheese and finally the salad. Now you have made a Repocheta! (Serves five)


3 Pieces of Yucca
15 Pork Rinds
½ head of cabbage

Cut 3 pieces of Yucca into small pieces and put it in a pot of salted water to boil for 15 minutes or until soft.

Take 15 pieces of pork rinds (“Chicharon” it is fried skin of pork)
Prepare a cabbage salad with tomato, onion and cucumber.

Place the yucca on the plate, add pork rinds and top with the salad.

Note: This dish is eaten with your fingers!

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