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Butterfly Sparkle

This Roll Butterfly is an easy and inexpensive kids craft. Use what ever embellishments you have around the house to decorate your butterfly's wings. Make your butterfly fly by punching a hole in the roll and tying on a string!


Construction paper in what ever color you'd like your butterfly's wings and body (2 different colors)
Google eyes or black marker
Embellishments to decorate your butterfly's wings
Yarn or string


1. Cut paper to the size of a small toilet paper roll and tape.

2. Place roll on different color paper anddraw your butterfly's wings around your roll. When you cut your wings out they need to be one piece. (Tip) After you have drawn your wings fold paper in half and cut around your lines so they will match!)

3. Glue body to the wings (if trouble with this you can use a small paper clip at each end)

4.Decorate with markers, glitter glue, sequins, stickers or anything you have around the house. Do not decorate the middle of the wings since you will be behind the roll.

5. Add string if you like to make your butterfly fly!