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Your Very Own Giraffe


Yellow and green construction paper
Brown paint
Paper plate or shallow dish
Brown yarn (or small strips of brown paper)
Google eyes or black marker
And a shoe!


1. Trace and cut out a yellow foot print (a foot with a shoe on makes a better shape for the head). Cut out 2 ears, 2 horns and a neck.

2. Glue all your Giraffe parts onto the brown paper.

3. The Giraffe's neck will probably hang over the edge, so trim it even with a pair of scissors.

4. Pour a small amount of brown paint into a paper plate or shallow dish. Put spots all over your Giraffe by dipping a finger(s) into the brown paint and pressing it onto your Giraffe. Then glue on your google eyes, or draw them on with a black marker.

5. Cut small pieces of brown yarn and glue them along the Giraffes neck (if you don't have brown yarn you could cut out small strips of brown paper).