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Today's Devotion

March 28

My Bible Verse:
If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all. Mark 9:35

"Last is best; first is worst." That's something my mother told us when my brothers and I would argue about being the first on the bus. I think my mother was just saying Jesus' words in a different way. Can you imagine? Jesus disciples had been arguing about who was the greatest in God's kingdom! Jesus told them that the first would be last! That the one who served was the greater one! That's the waitress in the restaurant and the clerk at the grocery store. That's the Mommy fixing supper and the Daddy doing dishes. That's the little boy sharing his blocks and the little girl cleaning up her toys. And they do it all because of Jesus who was a servant to us all by his death on the cross.

My Prayer:
Dear Jesus, There is no question but that the greatest is you! You came from heaven to live a perfect life and take the punishment for our sins. There is no greater service than that. Thank you for your love and mercy. Amen.

Christine Dehnke