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David and Goliath

Goliath was a giant nine foot tall soldier from the enemy city of Gath. He bragged that he could beat any Israelite soldier who would fight him. All of the Israelite soldiers were too scared to fight him. David was a young shepherd boy who believed in God. He said, "I will fight Goliath. The Lord will help me beat him." As David went to fight Goliath he only had a sling. He stopped at a brook along the way and picked up five small, smooth stones. Goliath laughed when he saw a boy coming out to fight him. But David took a stone, put it in his sling, swung it round and round and let it fly straight at Goliath. It hit the giant smack in the middle of his forehead and knocked him down with a mighty crash. David ran over, took Goliath's own sword and killed him. When Jesus went to the cross He fought an even bigger giant for us- He fought the devil. When Jesus died on the cross He crushed the devil's head- and rose to life again on the third day. Since Jesus beat the devil, we are free.

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